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Italian: Ricotta Filled Baked Manicotti (dough) -

Ricotta Filled Baked Manicotti (dough)

Recipe Ingredients:

3cuptap water
9eggs, beaten
olive oil
small glass
pastry brush
plastic spatula
paper towel

Recipe Instructions:

1.   Mix the first four ingredients together in a large mixing bowl to make a thin batter.

Note: Wisk flour and water to get lumps out before adding eggs.

Pour it into a measuring cup so you can pour it better.
2.   Heat an 8-inch Teflon skillet over medium-low heat (3 ). Lay nearby a small glass with inch olive oil and a pastry brush. Brush a bit of oil in the pan once for every 10 discs. Spread it around with a paper towel to blot it.
3.   Pour in a small amount of batter, enough to cover about of the bottom. Pick up the pan and tilt in all directions so batter covers bottom. WORK QUICKLY! When the liquid loses its gloss, lift the disc with the help of a spatula and your fingers to turn it over. In a few seconds, remove it from the pan using a plastic spatula.
4.   Lay out all the cooked dough on a cookie sheet until ready to roll. Makes about 30 40 (You will need about sixty for a full pan).
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