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Breads: Honey Wheat Bread -

Honey Wheat Bread

Recipe Ingredients:

2cupdry milk, warm/reconstituted
2Tbspvegetable oil
1pkgactive dry yeast
3cupwhole wheat flour
3/4cupto 1 cup all-purpose flour

Recipe Instructions:

1.   Preheat Crockpot (3 1/2 or 5 quart) on high for 30 minutes. Combine warm, not hot, milk, oil, honey, salt, yeast, and half the flour. With electric mixer, beat well for about 2 minutes. Add remaining flour; mix well.
2.   Place dough in well greased bread 'n cake pan; cover. Let stand for 5 minutes. Place pan in crockpot. Cover and bake on high setting for 2 to 3 hours.
3.   Remove pan and uncover. Let stand 5 minutes. Unmold and serve warm.

Note: Fresh milk may be used if scalded.
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